Always better with a Mate…

Hi All,

Only 1 week left!

Pilates and Tai Chi classes start next week, can you afford to pass up the opportunity to transform yourself into a much stronger and more balanced you?

But don’t keep this a secret, bring a friend and share the load!


Here’s how you sell it to your friends…

Some of the many benefits of Pilates:

  • Reduce occurrence of injuries;
  • Increase postural awareness;
  • Increase Tone and strength throughout the whole body:
  • Increase endorphins (hormones that make you feel good!);
  • Increase endurance;
  • Decrease muscle imbalances.

Some of the many benefits of Tai Chi:

  • Teach body calmness and relaxation;
  • Greatly increase energy levels;
  • Raise the overall function of the body anc mind;
  • Can expect quick results;
  • Increase body awareness, strength and balance;
  • Increase endurance.

Bring a friend, make it fun and have a great time.

If this isn’t for you maybe a friend or relative might be??

Call or email us – and we’ll do the rest…

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