HEAL yourself

2013 is the year to transform to a healthier you, or help HEAL a family member!

Vibe and the Queanbeyan City Council are here to help you get started. At the close of last year we were approached by the Queanbeyan City Council to run a HEAL program in Queanbeyan, to play our small part in educating the population on healthy lifestyle choices.

Queanbeyan City Council have taken the initiative, and we think its such a fantastic idea that we want to be a part…but what is HEAL?

HEAL logo

Why might HEAL be appropriate for you? if you have troubles answering any or all of the following, then this is the place for you:

  • I have a sedentary job, how much exercise is appropriate to make sure my body doesn’t start to break down on me?
  • I’ve been going to the gym and/or walking for the last 2 years straight, and am still overweight. Why?
  • My GP said I’m “pre-diabetic” – what does that mean? and what can I do to prevent it?
  • There are too many food choices at the supermarket – which ones are the right ones?
  • I’m so tired of all these silly diets – how do I control my weight and live normally?
  • I’m not a big fan of “sweating it out in they gym” – can I do something else that’s just as effective?

What’s involved? – an 8 week course, for a 2 hour session each week – 1 hour of low-moderate intensity exercise (within your limits), followed immediately by 1 hour of dietetic workshop with our dietitian! In addition, we also take an Initial and Final assessments, and a follow-up at 5 months and 12 months!

Costs? – this whole program costs 1 payment of $40.00 (in total).

Starting? – Program starts 26th February (yes only 2 weeks time)

Times? Tuesdays, 10.30 – 12.30pm – If you can’t make this time but are interested if we offer alternative times in the future please let us know.

To commence the running of this program we have decided to run a mens group for the 1st term, however we are taking names and numbers for females as well – in expectation that we will run an all ladies group as soon as possible.

So – If you think this could be for you? or maybe a friend or relative might be suitable? Then give us a call or email – 6299 3886, or damien@viberehab.com.au .

This is the year to make those much needed changes – start now!

Welcome to Vibe!

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