Pillow Talk


Latex contour, duck down, memory foam, soft, hard, medium, white goose down, tummy sleepers, side sleepers, back sleepers, foam core, dual core, body, posture support, extra support, high soft, adjustable, high firm, low firm, allergy sensitive, maternity, regular, gel top foam…CONFUSED???

These are just some of the different types of pillows available which makes buying a new pillow a daunting task.  

Sleeping on the wrong pillow can result in neck stiffness, headaches, pins and needles in your hands, snoring and breathing issues. Having the right pillow under your head at night is essential in helping you get that much needed nights rest. However, choosing the right pillow can sometimes seem impossible and expensive.

So how do you choose the pillow that is right for you?

  • For starters the pillow needs to be of good quality, as this should help the pillow keep its shape for longer. However, regardless of quality, you should replace your pillow around every 18 months. 
  • To avoid waking up with neck stiffness and back pain you need a pillow that aligns your body into a neutral position; where your head and neck is aligned with the rest of your spine.  To achieve this pillow should fill the gap between your neck and shoulder.
  • If you have difficulties during the night switching between the heights of one or two pillows, try an adjustable pillow. This way the pillow can be specifically adjusted to your comfort and the position you are lying in.
  • As a general rule, most down or feather pillows offer very little structural support compared to pillows filled with firmer materials. People who have neck pain or pathology generally find a firmer pillow such as foam or latex more comfortable.
  • When choosing a pillow size, pick one that reflects your body frame. People with larger frames or broader shoulders will need a firmer pillow than someone with a smaller frame. 
  • If possible avoid sleeping on your stomach as it is impossible to have your spine in neutral in this position. 

We spend over one third of our lives sleeping so having the right pillow is a must. If you’re unsure of what type of pillow would best suit you (every neck is different) and or are waking up with aches and pains in your neck or back, book in with one of our physiotherapist and they can help find you the perfect pillow (and even order one for you if needed). 

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