5 stretches to get you moving in the morning

Hi All,

The colder mornings have arrived.

Getting out of our nice, warm and comfy beds can be extra difficult in the chillier months. The cold can create stiffness in your joints and muscles leaving you feeling tired even before the day has started.

To help get your body warmed up in the morning we have selected 5 simple stretches to do when you jump (or crawl) out of bed.

1. The Rolldown


Lean against a wall with knees slightly bent. Drop chin into your chest let your head roll forward and your arms hang. Breathe in as you hang. Breathe out and slowly roll back up.

Repeat 5 times

2. Thread the Needle


Take one hand and cross it under the body and reach up the side of the body. Take the same arm back under the body and extend the elbow and shoulder.

Repeat with other arm.

3. Rest Position


Sit back onto your haunches keeping your bottom on your feet slowly breathe out and try to stretch the fingers further forward. Hold for 20 seconds.

4.Cat Stretch



The hips should be square at a 90°. Start with a neutral flat back, let the back dip down, slowly work back to neutral and then hyperarch to the ceiling.

Repeat 5 – 10 times


5. Hamstring Stretch

Sitting upright with legs wide and knees straight. Reach across with one arm towards the opposite foot. Hold for 15-20 seconds. Repeat with opposite arm and foot.


Click on the image below to print out the exercises!

Morning Stretches-page-0

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