When you shouldn’t ignore your feet

Our poor feet are often overlooked and neglected.

We see them as ugly, smelly, dirty and gross. The fact that they support our weight everyday gets forgotten once we slip on our shoes and cover them up.

Foot issues can result in not only painful symptoms in your feet but also your legs, hips and back. These can range from short term pain flare ups to long term structural issues. Foot issues can be caused by the way your muscles are working in your legs and feet, the ‘rolling’ in and out of your feet, the technique of how you walk or run and incorrect footwear.

Our podiatrists at Vibe, Matthew, Claire and Melanie have put together a list of the 5 most common foot problems that you shouldn’t ignore and see a podiatrist for treatment:

1. Heel pain – This can commonly be plantar fasciitis but also things such as heel spurs, nerve compressions, fat pad inflammation or achilles tendinopathy. It is important to assess and diagnose this correctly in order to develop the correct treatment plan – this is our passion at Vibe rehab!

2. Shin splints – These can be a variety of conditions ranging from bone type pain to muscle and soft tissue overload. Commonly this is influenced by foot function, activity and footwear.

3. Diabetes – An emerging issue amongst Australia’s aging population is that not all people with diabetes are aware of the effects it has on their feet. Getting a diabetic foot evaluation is critical in preventing long term complications.

4. Forefoot pain – This type of pain is often very treatable and can be caused by problems like arthritis, bursitis and nerve issues. These issues can be uncomfortable and are most of the time influenced by shoes. Luckily there are some simple treatment methods available to successfully reduce pain levels and discomfort.

5. Corns and callous – These are very common and are caused by high pressure being continuously placed on certain areas of the foot or areas rubbing together. The best thing about these problems is that they are easy fixed with the correct treatment.

If you are experiencing one of these common foot issues or have another concern regarding your feet, book an appointment with our podiatrist on 62993886 or email admin@viberehab.com.au.

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