Christmas approaching fast – 20% off an hour massage!

Today marks only 14 days until the much needed Christmas break for all. But of those 14 days there are only 10 which we are still here to help for!

Come and see us before Chrissy to get on top of those niggling aches and pains, and remember the special offers for our hour long massages…20% off an hour massage, only up until the end of January when you display the newsletter at the front desk..Get in quick! Spaces are running out.

Chris will have you feeling as good as new in no time!


Hope to see you in the practice soon to redeem the great Christmas deal.

To protect or to move after injury?

One of the most common statement we get asked by our patients is “I am not sure what to do, Do I rest or keep using it?”  We hope that the following information helps give you some idea of what to do after an acute injury.

Resting and limiting movement of the injured area, also known as ‘immobilisation’, has beneficial effects in the early phase of muscle regeneration and is crucial for fracture healing. However, lengthy immobilisation has detrimental effects; it causes joint stiffness, degenerative changes in articular cartilage and muscle weakness.

Complete immobilisation is primarily required for acute fractures and occasionally in severe soft tissue injuries. This can be achieved through the use of bracing, splints, casting and taping.

Mobilisation, on the other hand, has numerous tissue benefits. One way to achieve early, but safe, mobilisation is by ‘protected mobilisation’. This term refers to the use of protective taping or bracing to prevent movement in a direction that would cause excessive stress on an injured structure, whilst non-injured structures are still allowed to move. This allows enough movement to prevent stiffness, improve nourishment of the articular cartilage and maintain strength, while still protecting the damage ligament.

Early mobilisation in acute limb injuries (e.g. ankle sprains, stable fractures) decreases pain and swelling, and improves functional outcome compared to cast immobilisation.

Remember that appropriate treatment is dependent on accurate diagnosis. So seek physiotherapy treatment early, and let Vibe help you recover and get back to living life faster!

London 2012 Paralympics!

Back in August, after the Olympics settled down, London city hyped up again to support the London 2012 Paralympic Games – and boy did they really put on a good show!

One of our very own, Damien Bowen, experienced this first hand as he headed over there to throw in the Javelin competition against the worlds best. His efforts in the finals were rewarded with a 6th place finish, and a personal best throw.

From Damien and the rest of the team – thank you for all your messages of support before, during and after the games. It was an unforgetable experience, and one that the world has now labeled as the best Paralympics ever, and one that will never be forgotten.

Waiting to enter!
In mid throw
In the stands
Paralympic symbols hanging from the London bridge
Closing Ceremony – Its all over

Short Day Melbourne Cup

Vibe made the most of the race that stops a nation and shut early for a Melbourne Cup lunchoen, we closed early at 3.00pm, and apologies if we miss your call.

At the end of the day horse racing was the winner, as none of us had any luck – further concreting the point that we should stick to what we’re good at!

We hope you had much more luck than us!

We are open again like normal at 8.00AM tomorrow morning.


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