The Benefits of Kinesio Tape

Hi all,

Here at Vibe our practitioners often use Kinesio Tape when treating a patient.

But what is Kinesio Tape and how does it differ from other types of tape?

Kinesio is more than just a type of tape; it is a specialised taping method that was developed in Japan. The taping method is based on the ideology that there are healing mechanisms built within the body which can be influenced by practitioners to remove the barriers that prevent them from helping the body heal.

Kinesio Tape helps increase blood flow and helps control contractions within your muscles, allowing your body to heal faster and quicker.

Your practitioner may apply the tape on your neck, back, arm, leg…basically anywhere to assist in your treatment. Kinesio is used frequently by athletes to accelerate the return to sport process.

The Tape is water and sweat resistant and can be worn for several days, unless irritation has developed.

For more information on k-tape, don’t hesitate in asking our practitioners here at Vibe.

Serena Williams with Kinesio Tape on her knees


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