Be a “Lactavist”


It is well known that breastfeeding benefits babies, but did you know that it is also beneficial for mums?

Benefits for breastfeeding for mums include:

  • Quicker recovery from childbirth
  • Quicker weight loss after childbirth due to calories burned during breastfeeding
  • Decreased risk of breast, uterine and ovarian cancer as well as Type 2 Diabetes
  • Controlled glucose levels for some diabetics
  • Improved mental health and reduced risk of postpartum depression
  • Greater self-esteem

Breastfeeding is a learnt skill, one that can be quite challenging.  The most important thing is too support yourself or a loved one who is breastfeeding but not to pressure them.

Also remember that help is at hand with lactation consultations and physiotherapists.

Physiotherapists are great at treating mastitis and engorged ducts.

Here is some advice on how to minimise the chance of breastfeeding problems/mastitis:

–          Wear proper fitting maternity bras. Check when you take your bra off that there are no red marks or indentations where the bra might have cut in to your breast tissue.

–          Try not to “compress” your breast into shape when breastfeeding

–          Position, position, position!! Make sure that you are not leaning forward but are lifting the baby up to your breast. Use pillows or even better, try feeding in a semi-reclined position with the whole front of the baby’s body touching your front.

Remember that physio’s can also help with:

–          Pelvic Floor Recovery

–          Return to exercise

–          Pelvic girdle pain


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