Never be without a physio!


Sometimes stretching just isn’t enough and you need a little extra help to relieve muscle tightness. However, the ideal option of seeing a physio or a massage therapist every time this occurs can be impractical and expensive. Thankfully, some physiotherapists banded together and created the Pocket Physio which allows you to undertake trigger point therapy at your convenience.

Trigger points are sensitive spots that have been created as a result of muscle damage or over activity which can result in muscular related pains such as headaches, joint pain and back pain. One way to reduce muscle tightness is to apply slight pressure to trigger points which prompts the muscle to relax. However, trying to apply pressure points without any help can be difficult and awkward; but with the Pocket Physio you basically have an extra hand to help you easily apply pressure to trigger points to relieve muscle tension.

Trigger point therapy using a Pocket Physio
Trigger point therapy using a Pocket Physio

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