Transform your body with the Pilates Reformer

pilates-reformerHi All,

Do you have a schedule that makes it difficult to commit to a weekly Pilates class? At Vibe we have a Pilates reformer which is a great, flexible option to help you strengthen your body.

The Pilates reformer is a piece of equipment that enables resistance to be added to Pilates exercises giving greater benefit. Resistance is created using springs and body weight to increase muscular strength with the controlled movements that target specific muscles. The reformer may look scary at first but it is low impact and safe for injury rehabilitation, pregnancy and general conditioning.

The structure of the reformer enables a diverse range of exercises to be completed laying on your back, stomach, kneeling and standing with varying levels of resistance. The endless option of exercise prevents you getting bored with doing the same exercises over and over again.

You will soon notice improvements in strength, toning of muscles, improved posture, core strength, breathing, flexibility and lean muscle mass!

We offer individualised programs designed specifically for your needs with regular updates. The reformer is available for use during all our business hours leaving you plenty of choice of times. And the best part is it’s fun to use!!

So whether you have an injury or just want to improve your fitness and body shape the reformer is for you! Contact us for an appointment on 6299 3886 or email

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